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Cusco Lsd Gear Oil - Ap1/Gl5 Sae/80W-140 Super 140 - 1Ltr

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Cusco Lsd Gear Oil - Ap1/Gl5 Sae/80W-140 Super 140 - 1Ltr

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Cusco 80w-140 LSD gear oil is designed for use with rear LSDs.These are exposedTo high loads and heat when used in performance cars with high performance engines, performance/racingTyres andTuned suspension, especially in competition. Recommended for long, endurance racing on front engine, rear wheel drive and 4WD (rear) LSD.The oil helpsTo increase LSD sensitivity. Also especially good for use in highTemperature region and Hot Summer. For all mechanical limited slip differentials.

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About Cusco Gear Oils

Cusco LSD for a BMW E46Cusco gear oils contain purified hydride base oils, which allows it to maintain its good performance even against heat and after long term use.

Specially developed for Cusco, who have vast experience of Limited Slip Differentials, this oil helps to minimise the chattering noises associated with mechanical plated LSDs, whilst maximising the life of the LSD.

About Cusco

Cusco suspension are one of the premier suspension tuners in the World. They have extensive experience in GT, Formula, and World Rally Races.They design not only suspension and chassis components, but engine tuning, headers, and more. They offer parts such as adjustable cam gears, spoilers, intake systems, chassis under reinforcements, LSDs (limited slip differentials) and Turbo Intercooler piping.

Cusco 2015 Catalogue (Japanese)

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For the Subaru enthusiast, they offers a wide variety of components to complement and enhance the performance of your vehicle. They draw on their extensive experience racing Subaru Impreza WRXs in Japanese GT Races and World Rally Championship races.

With such experience, They will remain as one of the top tuners in the world for Japan vehicles.

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£29.89 inc. VAT
exc. VAT
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