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Racelogic Drift Box

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Racelogic Drift Box

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This Kit Includes:

  • Driftbox Unit
  • USB 'A' to USB 'B' Lead -2m
  • Power Supply
  • 2Gb SD Card
  • Windscreen Mounting Bracket
  • Power Cable Non-Locking 2.1mm Plug - Cigar Plug -2m (VBOX Mini Cigar PWR)



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About Drift Box

How can we provide so many amazing functions for such a low price?

The answer is because DriftBox is based on the VBOX by Racelogic. The VBOX is used by almost every motor manufacturer and tyre company in the world for testing and evaluation.

Companies such as Ford, GM, BMW, Porsche, Ferrari, Goodyear and Michelin, all use VBOXes in test and development.

DriftBox uses many VBOX functions, allowing a professional level tool to be offered at retail prices.

DriftBox combines four products in one:


DriftBox History

Driftbox was initially developed for use in the Japanese D1 Grand Prix series to assist the judges award points during the competition, and has become in effect the fourth "Judge". Every vehicle which competes has a DriftBox Pro fitted during each run, and the judges get a points score for each corner based on Entry speed, Drift Angle and Cornering Force. Cornering force is used to judge how well the car is setup, the higher the cornering force, the more power and skill are needing to slide the vehicle.

The DriftBox Pro is for official competition judging, and communicates in real time to the judges via a radio telemetry system. This system is based on two GPS systems, with antennas placed in line on the roof of the car. Drift Angle is the difference between the Direction of travel and the Direction the vehicle is pointing.

The GPS system used is an RTK system, which gives an accuracy of 0.25 degrees, 0.1km/h and 0.01G.

As a result of the development of DriftBox Pro, Racelogic have been able to use this experience to produce DriftBox.

Twin Antennae
DriftBox Pro


How Does DriftBox Work?

Housed inside the DriftBox is a high performance 10Hz GPS engine coupled with sophisticated motion sensors. Speed, Postion, Acceleration and Drift are measured 10 times a second. To measure Drift angle, the angle the vehicle is pointing is computed using the motion sensors, and this is compared with the angle the vehicle is travelling which is computed from the GPS.

DriftBox is equipped with an MMC/SD Flash memory card socket. This allows 10Hz logging of Time, Distance, Speed, Position, G-force, Lap Times, Split Times, and Drift Angle.

Data logged to the MMC flash card can be analysed in detail using the PC software provided. For convenience, the DriftBox can be connected to the USB port of a PC compatible computer to download information stored on the memory card.

About Racelogic

Racelogic’s data-loggers can record GPS, video, and vehicle data, and are designed for motorsport.

Racelogic's systems come as standard with simple yet powerful software and support which will help you get the best out of yourself and your car.

Whether you’re a racing driver or team, racing coach, championship, or track day enthusiast, Racelogic have the system for you.

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