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CS-Pro Suzuki Ignis 6 groove Rear brake discs Pair

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CS-Pro Suzuki Ignis 6 groove Rear brake discs Pair

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CS-Pro 6 groove rear brake discs for Suzuki Ignis Sport 1.5.

Our performance grooved sport grooved brake discs offer our customers a sport brake discs without the draw backs of other sport brake discs available, first of all they run with very low noise levels which makes them suitable for family saloons, secondly the larger 6mm grooves allow ample brake pad deglazing and last but not least they also allow for ample brake pad degassing, finally for a small extra fee you can choose to have the brake discs zinc plated in Gold or Silver.

  • Brake Pad Deglazing, renews the brake pad surface reducing the polishing effect, high glazed brake pads can lead to excessive brake squeal.
  • Degassing, allows the hot gases generated by high pad temperature to escape, gases that are trapped between the brake pad and brake disc will create a cussion pocket causing brake fade and brake judder.
  • Zinc Plated, zinc plating is a process of electrolysis where a zinc coating is applied to the brake discs, the zincing prevents corrosion to the brake discs, thus helping to reduce DTV (disc thickness variation) which can occur due to corrosion build-up between the brake disc and hub flange.


  • Solid or Vented: Solid
  • Disc Diameter: 258mm
  • Disc Height: 43mm
  • Disc Thickness New: 9mm
  • Disc Thickness Minimum: 8mm

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Suitable For

Manufacturer Model Variant Chassis Engine Year Range Notes
Suzuki Ignis Sport - 1.5 - -

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