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Vibra Technics Engine Rear Torque bush 65mm

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Vibra Technics Engine Rear Torque bush 65mm

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Product Details

Vibra-Technics Engine Rear Torque bush 65mm - Citroen AX, Saxo, Peugeot 106, Peugeot 205 (65mm)

Suitable for Race & Road Use

OEM No: 1844.54

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About Vibra-Technics Mounts

Please Note: Price is per mount, purchase two mounts unless you are just replacing one.

Vibra-Technics rubber-to-metal bonded products are designed specifically for high performance applications where a direct replacement for the standard mount is required along with a much higher level of engine control to cope with higher engine outputs and higher road inputs caused by fast driving.

The Fast Road mounts give significant improvements in ride and handling without adversely affecting vibration isolation.

The competition mounts also eliminate clearance problems with strut braces and exhaust systems, body panels etc. and improve handling whilst still giving vibration isolation at high engine speeds. Competition mounts are not recommended for road use.

About Vibra-Technics

Vibra-Technics provide performance drivers with race engineered engine and suspension mounts.

Vibra-Technics Automotive technical staff have over 35 years experience in the design of Automotive powertrain and suspension mounting systems. This experience was gained working for a number of Multi-National Rubber Companies engaged in the design and manufacture of chassis components used by all the major Automobile Manufacturers.

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Their products are designed to give uncompromising performance. Durability of the system is significantly improved and in many cases Vibra-Technics have replaced OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts which have a notorious reputation for premature failure, particularly when used in performance applications and under extreme driving conditions.

Other benefits include improved handling and driver feel. Lower overall engine movement significantly reduces the stress on engine connections such as inter-cooler pipes, fuel lines, exhaust systems etc. Clearance between the engine and other critical parts such as a strut brace and other under bonnet hardware is maintained.

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Suitable For

Manufacturer Model Variant Chassis Engine Year Range Notes
Citroen Saxo - - KFX (TU3JP) 1999-2004
Citroen Saxo - - HDZ (TU1M) 1996-1999
Citroen Saxo - - HDZ (TU1M) 1999-2004
Citroen Saxo - - KFW (TU3JP) 1996-1999
Citroen Saxo - - KFW (TU3JP) 1999-2004
Citroen Saxo - - CDZ (TU9M) 1999-2000
Citroen Saxo - - NFZ (TU5JP) 1996-1999
Citroen Saxo - - HFX (TU1JP) 1996-1999
Citroen Saxo - - HFX (TU1JP) 1999-2004
Citroen Saxo - - KFX (TU3JP) 1996-1999
Citroen Saxo - - CDZ (TU9M) 1997-1999
Citroen Saxo VTR - NFT 2000-2004
Citroen Saxo VTR - NFZ (TU5JP) 1999-2000
Citroen Saxo VTS - NFX (TU5JP4) 1997-1999
Citroen Saxo VTS - NFX (TU5JP4) 1999-2004

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