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RAYS L40 90deg Valvestem ornament

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RAYS L40 90deg Valvestem ornament

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About RAYS Wheel Nuts

Rays Engineering, the maker of Volk Racing Wheels, has released a new line of performance lug nuts. Made from Duraluminum, these Rays lug nut are extremely strong and light (the Rays lug nuts are 0.8 oz. each compared to 2.1 oz. for the stock pieces). In addition to the performance aspects, the Rays lug nuts also feature one 7-sided nut per wheel. These heptagonal nuts look stock from a distance, but can only be removed with the specially designed socket that comes with the set. There are several different key patterns of lug nuts to ensure the security of your precious wheels. The Rays lug nuts are available in anodized red, blue, or black.

About RAYS Wheels

2013 VOLK Racing Forged Wheels Catalog

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Whether the demand is for a lighter sports wheel or for more affordable wheels, RAYS can come come with what is needed.

RAYS is determined to effectively meet the challenge of even the toughest request and come up with an excellent solution.

They are equipped to meet any kind of need. If you need large diameters, they already make a 22 inch cast rim, and for premium cars - 20 inch one-piece forged wheels!

Constructed to JWL+R standard - far exceeding the world standard of JWL.

Volk Racing Wheels, Gram Lights, G-Games, Nismo, Ralliart & TRD.......all made by RAYS! Available in the UK & Europe.

For more information regarding this brand and for full price lists and vehicle applications please click the following link - RAYS Wheels

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