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Air Diversion Plates - Nissan

Mishimoto has developed a new line of Air Diversion Plates to enhance your engine's cooling capacity.

Mishimoto air diversion plates' expert design is not only intended to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your engine, but will incomparably reduce your radiator’s coolant temperature. Improving the cooling capacity of your engine will promote superior combustion efficiency and the overall performance of your engine.

All Mishimoto’s air diversion plates are constructed of 5052 aluminum and are available in several finishes. Choose from a natural brushed matte or an anodized glossy black or blue to enhance the look and style of your engine bay.

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Mishimoto Blue Air Diversion Plate
€112,46 inkl. MwSt.
€94,50 ohne MwSt.
Hersteller Modell Variante Karosserie Motor Baujahr Hinweise
Nissan 200 Series 200SX - SR20DET 1994-2001 2.0L S14 - RWD Petrol
angezeigte Produkte: 1 bis 1 (von 1 insgesamt)

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