HKS NEW Low Compression Stroker Kit 2.1L FA20 - Toyota GT86 - Subaru BRZ

HKS NEW Low Compression Stroker Kit 2.1L FA20 - Toyota GT86 - Subaru BRZ

New HKS Capacity Upgrade Kit for FA20 Toyota GT86 / Subaru BRZ engines. Create your perfect FA21 with this 2.1L (2091cc) stroker kit! The low compression type FA20 2.1L Capacity Upgrade kit for high boost tuning features newly developed high durable low compression pistons to take FA20 engine to the next level.


  • Forged material for improved durability
  • Cavity is designed in the piston crown to optimise fuel atomisation during injection
  • 3D Piston crown design to optimise tumble flow
  • Pistons are recessed to match high lift HKS camshafts
  • Wide compression ratio range depending on gasket specification
  • Molybdenum coated pistons to reduce friction
  • Desinged to fit stock liners so boring is not necessary

Connecting Rods

  • High durability I-Beam cracked connecting rod is used for long stroke
  • Big end size is designed to omit modification of the engine block
  • Optimised con rod bolt size
  • Genuine Nissan Bearings are required


  • 90.0mm stroke
  • Forged material
  • Bespoke pin journal design

This product is compatible with the following vehicles

Vehicle MakeVehicle ModelVehicle VariantFromToEngineNotes
SubaruBRZ2012FA202.0L - RWD Petrol
ToyotaGT 8620124U-GSE2.0L - RWD Petrol

Whether it is engine, exhaust, suspension, or drive-train systems, there is no substitute for the performance, quality and reliability of HKS. Part-Box/Co-ordSport are an approved distributor for HKS performance and tuning products.

For over 35 years, HKS products have been put to the test in drag racing, road racing, rallying, and top speed trials. HKS equipped vehicles have captured numerous racing championships and hold claim to a myriad of competition records using many “off the shelf”, race proven HKS components. As a result, HKS has been synonymous with “performance” in the automotive aftermarket industry for the past 35+ years.

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