HKS Fine Tune V-Belt - Toyota Supra MK5 A90

HKS Fine Tune V-Belt - Toyota Supra MK5 A90

  • Improved durability in high temperature (as for rising engine room temperature due to tuning).
  • Works fine even in a cold environment.
  • Lightweight with high anti-wear resistant quality. It does not need to apply extra high-tension and also it can reduce the squeaking sound.
  • The lightweight belt suits variable rotational speed and not only reduces squeaking sound but also provides high transmission efficiency.
  • The belt specially designed for GR SUPRA which uses a special auto-tensioner attached to the alternator.
  • Black colour belt with HKS logo.



☆The advantage of EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer Rubber)
  • Using EPDM improves durability in high/low temperature and anti-wear resistant etc. compare to the stock V-belt.
  • Relative density is higher than the stock rubber material, that also allows weight saving.
  • At the rib part, mixed with short fibres gained the improved performance of durability and anti-wear resistance compare to the stock.

HKS Belt vs.. Stock

High Temp DurabilityLow Temp. DurabilityAnti-wear resistanceWeight saving
4 times10 times30% improved17% lightweight

Note: Performance for different vehicles may vary.

This product is compatible with the following vehicles

Vehicle Make Vehicle Model Vehicle Variant From To Engine Notes
Toyota Supra Mk5 2019 0 B58 3.0L - RWD Petrol

Whether it is engine, exhaust, suspension, or drive-train systems, there is no substitute for the performance, quality and reliability of HKS. Part-Box/Co-ordSport are an approved distributor for HKS performance and tuning products.

For over 35 years, HKS products have been put to the test in drag racing, road racing, rallying, and top speed trials. HKS equipped vehicles have captured numerous racing championships and hold claim to a myriad of competition records using many “off the shelf”, race proven HKS components. As a result, HKS has been synonymous with “performance” in the automotive aftermarket industry for the past 35+ years.

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