HKS 70017-AN001 Super Hybrid Filter

HKS 70017-AN001 Super Hybrid Filter

<Details of Filter> 

  • 3 layered filter divides, collects intake air and smoothes air flow. It enables quick response that is required for sport filter.
  • Newly developed Non-woven fabric is the first layer that collects large dust. Second layer polyurethane filter collects small dust. Thus the new filter has longer life.
  • Joining of each layer was changed from flame lamination to net type joining that does not affect intake air flow. Dry 3 layer structure enables lower resistance. 
<Details of Frame> 
  • With high strength double frame, strong frame can be used for high horsepower.
  • Shape of re-designed top frame enables smooth air flow.
  • Separate shield frame is cushion type that does not require rubber gasket and easily disposable after use.

For over 40 years, HKS products have been put to the test in drag racing, road racing, rallying, and top speed trials. HKS equipped vehicles have captured numerous racing championships and hold claim to a myriad of competition records using many “off the shelf”, race proven HKS components. As a result, HKS has been synonymous with “performance” in the automotive aftermarket industry for the past 40+ years.

This product is compatible with the following vehicles

Vehicle MakeVehicle ModelVehicle VariantFromToEngineNotes
Nissan200 Series200SX19891992CA18DET1.8L Non Catalyst S13 - RWD Petr
Nissan200 Series200SX19921994CA18DET1.8L Catalyst S13 - RWD Petrol
Nissan200 Series200SX19942001SR20DET2.0L S14 - RWD Petrol
Nissan300 Series300ZX19841990VG30E3.0L Z31 - RWD Petrol
Nissan300 Series300ZX19841990VG30T3.0L Z31 - RWD Petrol
Nissan300 Series300ZX19841990VG30T3.0L Turbo Z31 - RWD Petrol
Nissan300 Series350Z20032005VQ35DE3.5L Z33 - RWD Petrol
Nissan300 Series350Z20052005VQ35DE3.5L Roadster - RWD Petrol
Nissan300 Series350Z20052005VQ35DE3.5L Gran Turismo Z33 - RWD Petr
Nissan300 Series350Z20052007VQ35DE3.5L Roadster - RWD Petrol
Nissan300 Series350Z20052007VQ35DE3.5L Z33 - RWD Petrol
NissanAvenirW1019901995SR20DE2.0L - FWD Petrol
NissanAvenirW1019931996CD20T2.0L TD - FWD Diesel
NissanAvenirW1119982005QG18DE1.8L - FWD Petrol
NissanAvenirW1119982005SR20DET2.0L Turbo - 4WD Petrol
NissanCedricHY3319951999VG30DE3.0L - RWD Petrol
NissanCedricHY3319951999VG30DE3.0L Turbo - RWD Petrol
NissanCedricHY3419992004VG30DE3.0L Turbo - RWD Petrol
NissanCedricENY3419992004RB25DET2.5L Turbo - 4WD Petrol
NissanCedricENY34199920042.5L - RWD Petrol
NissanCefiroA3219941998VQ30DE3.0L - FWD Petrol
NissanCefiroA3219941998VQ20DE2.0L - FWD Petrol
NissanElgrandE5019972002VG33E3.3L - 4WD Petrol
NissanElgrandE5019972002VG33E3.3L - RWD Petrol
NissanElgrandE5120022008VQ35DE3.5L - RWD Petrol
NissanElgrandE5120022008VQ35DE3.5L - 4WD Petrol
NissanLARGO19931999KA24DE2.4L - RWD Petrol
NissanLARGO19931999KA24DE2.4L - 4WD Petrol
NissanMuranoZ5020042008VQ35DE3.5L - 4WD Petrol
NissanMuranoZ5120082012VQ35DE3.5L - 4WD Petrol
NissanPrimeraP1019901996SR20DE2.0L eZX - FWD Petrol
NissanPrimeraP1019901993SR20DE2.0L - FWD Petrol
NissanPrimeraP1019931996SR20DE2.0L - FWD Petrol
NissanPrimeraP1220022006QR20DE2.0L - FWD Petrol
NissanPrimeraP1220022004QG18DE1.8L - FWD Petrol
NissanPrimeraP1220022006QG18DE1.8L - FWD Petrol
NissanPrimeraP1220022004QR20DE2.0L - FWD Petrol
NissanPrimeraP1220032005QG18DE1.8L Dual Fuel - FWD Petrol/LPG
NissanPrimeraP1220032004QG18DE1.8L Dual Fuel - FWD Petrol/LPG
NissanPulsarN1419901994SR18DE1.8L GTi - FWD Petrol
NissanPulsarN1419901994SR20DET2.0L GTi-R - 4WD Petrol
NissanSAFARIY6019911998TD424.2L - 4WD Diesel
NissanSAFARIY6019931998TD424.2L TD - 4WD Diesel
NissanSerenaC2419992005YD25DT2.5L - RWD Diesel
NissanSerenaC2419992005YD25DT2.5L - 4WD Diesel
NissanSilviaTurbo19841989CA18ET1.8L ZX S12 - RWD Petrol
NissanSilvia180SX19891998SR20DE2.0L S13 - RWD Petrol
NissanSilvia180SX19891998SR20DET2.0L S13 - RWD Petrol
NissanSilvia19942001SR20DET2.0L S14 - RWD Petrol
NissanSilviaTurbo19942001SR20DET2.0L S14 - RWD Petrol
NissanSkylineR31 GT19861989RB20DET2.0L - RWD Petrol
NissanSkylineR31 Turbo19861989RB20DET2.0L - RWD Petrol
NissanSkylineR32 GTS19891993RB20DE2.0L - RWD Petrol
NissanSkylineR32 GTS-T19891993RB20DET2.0L - RWD Petrol
NissanSkylineR32 GTS-419891993RB20DET2.0L - 4WD Petrol
NissanSkylineR32 GTS-2519911993RB25DE2.5L - RWD Petrol
NissanSkylineR33 GTS-25T19931998RB25DET2.5L - RWD Petrol
NissanSkylineR33 GTS-2519931998RB25DET2.5L - RWD Petrol
NissanSkylineR32 GT-R19931994RB26DETT2.6L - 4WD Petrol
NissanSkylineR33 GTS19931998RB20E2.0L - RWD Petrol
NissanSkylineR33 GTS-419931998RB25DE2.5L - 4WD Petrol
NissanSkylineR33 GT-T19931998RB25DE2.5L - RWD Petrol
NissanSkylineR33 GTS-419931998RB25DET2.5L - 4WD Petrol
NissanSkylineR33 GT-T19931998RB25DET2.5L - RWD Petrol
NissanSkylineR33 GTS-25T19931998RB25DE2.5L - RWD Petrol
NissanSkylineR33 GTS-2519931998RB25DE2.5L - RWD Petrol
NissanSkylineR33 GT-R19951999RB26DETT2.6L - 4WD Petrol
NissanSkylineR33 GT-R19971999RB26DETT2.6L - 4WD Petrol
NissanSkylineR34 GT-T19992001RB25DET2.5L - RWD Petrol
NissanSkylineR34 GT19992001RB20DE2.0L - RWD Petrol
NissanSkylineR34 GT-R19992001RB26DETT2.6L - 4WD Petrol
NissanSkylineR34 GT19992001RB25DET2.5L - RWD Petrol
NissanSkylineR34 GT-Four19992001RB25DET2.5L - 4WD Petrol
NissanSkylineV35200120063.0L 300GT - RWD Petrol
NissanSkylineV3520012006VQ35DE3.5L 350GT - RWD Petrol
NissanSkylineV35200120062.5L 250GT - RWD Petrol
NissanSTAGEA199820022.0L - 4WD Petrol
NissanSTAGEATurbo19982002RB25DET2.5L - 4WD Petrol
NissanSTAGEA200120062.5L - 4WD Petrol
NissanTerranoD2119891995VG30E3.0L - 4WD Petrol
NissanTerranoR5019952004VG33E3.3L - 4WD Petrol
NissanTerranoR5019962001VG33E3.3L Regulus - 4WD Petrol
NissanTerranoR5019992004VG33E3.3L - FWD Petrol
NissanTinoV1020002006QG18DE1.8L - FWD Petrol
NissanTinoV1020002003SR20DE2.0L - FWD Petrol
NissanTinoV1020032005QG18DE1.8L Dual Fuel - FWD Petrol/LPG
NissanX-TrailT3020012005QR20DE2.0L - 4WD Petrol
NissanX-TrailT3020052007QR20DE2.0L - FWD Petrol
SubaruForester19972000EJ202.0L - 4WD Petrol
SubaruForesterTurbo19982000EJ202.0L - 4WD Petrol
SubaruForester20002002EJ202.0L - 4WD Petrol
SubaruForesterTurbo20002001EJ202.0L - 4WD Petrol
SubaruForesterTurbo20012002EJ2052.0L - 4WD Petrol
SubaruForesterX20022005EJ202.0L - 4WD Petrol
SubaruForesterXT20022005EJ202.0L - 4WD Petrol
SubaruForesterXT20042005EJ252.5L - 4WD Petrol
SubaruForester20052008EJ25T2.5L - 4WD Petrol
SubaruForester20052008EJ2012.0L - 4WD Petrol
SubaruForester20052008EJ2042.0L - 4WD Petrol
SubaruForester20052008EJ2052.0L - 4WD Petrol
SubaruForesterXT Prodrive20052005EJ2552.5L - 4WD Petrol
SubaruForester20052008EJ2552.5L - 4WD Petrol
SubaruForester20072008EJ2012.0L - 4WD Petrol/LPG
SubaruImpreza19992000EJ202.0L - 4WD Petrol
SubaruImprezaP119992000EJ202.0L - 4WD Petrol
SubaruImpreza20002003EJ202.0L - 4WD Petrol
SubaruImprezaWRX20012001EJ20T2.0L UK300 - 4WD Petrol
SubaruImprezaSTi20022003EJ20T2.0L - 4WD Petrol
SubaruImprezaWRX20022003EJ20T2.0L - 4WD Petrol
SubaruImprezaSTi20032005EJ202.0L - 4WD Petrol
SubaruImprezaWRX20032005EJ202.0L - 4WD Petrol
SubaruImprezaGX20032005EJ202.0L - 4WD Petrol
SubaruImprezaSTi20042004EJ202.0L WR1 - 4WD Petrol
SubaruImprezaWRX20042004EJ202.0L WR1 - 4WD Petrol
SubaruImprezaWRX20052005EJ202.0L Prodrive - 4WD Petrol
SubaruImprezaSTi20052005EJ202.0L Prodrive - 4WD Petrol
SubaruLegacy19911994EJ202.0L - 4WD Petrol
SubaruLegacy19941998EJ202.0L - 4WD Petrol
SubaruLegacy19982003EJ252.5L - 4WD Petrol
SubaruLegacyGT-B19982003EJ2062.0L - 4WD Petrol
SubaruLegacyGT-B19982003EJ2082.0L - 4WD Petrol
SubaruLegacyOutback19982003EJ252.5L - 4WD Petrol
SubaruLegacyGT-B19982003EJ202.0L - 4WD Petrol
SubaruLegacy19992003EJ252.5L - 4WD Petrol
SubaruLegacy19992003EJ202.0L - 4WD Petrol
SubaruLegacyOutback20002003EZ303.0L - 4WD Petrol
SubaruSVX19921996EG333.3L - 4WD Petrol

Whether it is engine, exhaust, suspension, or drive-train systems, there is no substitute for the performance, quality and reliability of HKS. Part-Box/Co-ordSport are an approved distributor for HKS performance and tuning products.

For over 35 years, HKS products have been put to the test in drag racing, road racing, rallying, and top speed trials. HKS equipped vehicles have captured numerous racing championships and hold claim to a myriad of competition records using many “off the shelf”, race proven HKS components. As a result, HKS has been synonymous with “performance” in the automotive aftermarket industry for the past 35+ years.

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