DW400 Pump Module 5th Gen Camaro

New DW400 Pump Module 5th Gen Camaro

The DW400 5th gen Camaro Module is a complete plug-n-play replacement for the OE unit. The module incorporates the DW400 pump to nearly double the flow output of the OE Camaro SS module and increases pressure capabilities to 120psi.

This module also integrates seamlessly with the OE wiring harness, level sender, and feed lines.

For those wanting a return-style fuel system, the module is easily convertible to -8AN feed and -6AN return.

The module also utilizes a venturi fed surge bucket for consistent fueling at low tank levels and high G conditions.

Powered by the 415 LPH DW400 pump
Configurable between OE returnless and aftermarket return style
90% more flow than OE SS module
60% more flow than OE ZL1 module
Integrated check valve for easy cold starts 

Fitment 2010-2015 Camaros (all)

Deatschwerks take a unique approach to building our high flow injectors. Other fuel injection companies offer only a couple different styles of injectors and leave fitting them up to the customer. At Deatschwerks every injector they produce is a drop-in fitment for its application. Their injectors are engineered to fit your OEM harness, OEM fuel rail and OEM manifold.

All Deatschwerks  high flow fuel injectors are built using only quality OEM cores. In addition, each set is balanced to within a 2% flow variation. This means better fitment, easier tuning, and increased reliability. Deatschwerks back all of their products with a comprehensive 12-month warranty. To complement their range of high performance, drop-in fitment fuel injectors, fuel system specialists, Deatschwerks, have developed the highest flowing in-tank fuel pump yet. With a flow rate of 400 litres per hour, the DW400 pump comes with an application specific or universal fitting kit and a 3-year warranty. The pump is 100% compatible with E85 ethanol fuel.

Deatschwerks also have developed two new high flow in-tank fuel pump ranges, the DW200 series; with a lower flow rate (around 255LPH) and price compared to the DW300 and the DW65c series; a compact pump with a flow rate of around 265LPH and a more compact design. There is also the brand new DW400 series fuel pump with 415LPH Flow.

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