BRIDE T131RO Super Seat Rail RO Type

BRIDE T131RO Super Seat Rail RO Type
  • Security standard conformance model
  • made in Japan
  • Sheet mounting dimensions / length 260 mm (25 mm + 235 mm) x width 405 mm

Major compatible sheets

Brid productGIAS series, STRADIA series, edirb 023/033, CUGA series, VORGA series, BRIX 2, ERGO 2, XAX 2, PROS
RecaroSR series, L series (* 1)
OtherGAL, D & W

Available sheet for import side stays

SparcoCorsa, Leb II, pro 2000, Evo
OtherSheets in conforming size
  • * When reclining LOW MAX series (GIAS / STRADIA series) is installed, please use exclusive LR type for models with dedicated rail setting.

For safety. 
Made in Japan.

BRIDE produces all its seats and seat rail products, which are closest to the driver and also protect the driver's body in the case of an accident, domestically in Japan. BRIDE's seats are ASEA-approved products which have cleared the standards of ASEA, the industry organization whose members comprise motorsports companies and related tuning parts manufacture and sales companies which represent Japan, and are models which conform to vehicle inspections and have cleared rigorous safety benchmarks. The safety benchmark comprises 6 items--"seat back rear surface crash test", "head restraint forward crash test", "head restraint static test", "seat and seat mounting test", "seat belt mounting test", and "flame resistance test"--in which a great amount of force is applied to the seats assuming an accident to check whether the seats are damaged and whether they can be maintained for the regulated time, and to confirm the safety of the seats.

Also, BRIDE's seats are the first seats produced in Japan to be licensed by FIA, and we provide 9 models which can be used in international races. In order to maintain and improve product quality to pass safety benchmarks and strict FIA strength tests, BRIDE conducts thorough management of its manufacturing process.

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