AP 600 Dot 4 Brake Fluid 500ml

AP 600 Dot 4 Brake Fluid 500ml

‘Typical’ New Dry Boiling Point in excess of - 312°C (594°F) 
‘Wet’ E.R. (Equilibrium Reflux) Boiling Point - 204°C (399°F)

600 Fluid has been developed for AP Racing applications where higher than normal temperatures are being experienced, e.g. when using carbon/carbon discs and the ultimate in brake fluid performance is required. It should be noted that before using 600 fluid, any existing brake fluid should be drained completely from the brake system. The system should be thoroughly purged with new 600 brake fluid and can then be filled completely with 600 fluid.

DO NOT USE AP600 fluid in contact with any type of magnesium components (e.g. gearbox / clutch components) as a chemical reaction is caused resulting in gases being generated. This will then prevent the clutch hydraulics from working efficiently.

AP Racing are based in Coventry, UK. They have achieved more international sporting success than any of its rivals, establishing itself as a key supplier at all levels of international motorsport formulae, including single seat racing, rallying, sports car racing, stock car racing and touring cars. In 2011 alone, AP Racing supplied either brakes, clutches or both to 30 champions across the entire spectrum of the motorsport world.

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