A Compact Master Cylinder which has been designed with a ‘centre lock’ bulkhead fixing (10mm to 22mm Max) to meet the installation requirements of composite structure racing cars.


- Inlet and Outlet ports are positioned at the end of the master cylinder away from the bulkhead to provide clearance for steering racks etc, where required.
- Aluminium Alloy Body. 
- Extra Short travel to cut-off standard.

Weight.29Kg (.64lbs)
Full Stroke25.4mm (1.00")
Travel To Cut-Off- Extra Short - .48 to .63mm (.19" to .25")
Inlet Hydraulic Thread7/16" x 20UNF
Outlet Hydraulic Thread3/8" x 24UNF
Push Rod Threads Available-PRM = M8 x 1.25 
- PRT = 5/16" UNF
Push Rod Length from 
Mounting Flange
PRM/PRT135 - 135mm (5.31") 
PRM/PRT180 - 180mm (7.08")
Bore Sizes AvailablePart Numbers
14mmCP4400-88PRM135E / CP4400-88PRM180E 
CP4400-88PRT135E / CP4400-88PRT180E
15mmCP4400-89PRM135E / CP4400-89PRM180E 
CP4400-89PRT135E / CP4400-89PRT180E
15.9mm (.625") 5/8"CP4400-90PRM135E / CP4400-90PRM180E 
CP4400-90PRT135E / CP4400-90PRT180E
16.8mmCP4400-905PRM135E / CP4400-905PRM180E
CP4400-905PRT135E / CP4400-905PRT180E
17.8mm (.70")CP4400-91PRM135E / CP4400-91PRM180E 
CP4400-91PRT135E / CP4400-91PRT180E
19.1mm (.75") 3/4"CP4400-92PRM135E / CP4400-92PRM180E 
CP4400-92PRT135E / CP4400-92PRT180E
20.6mm (.812") 13/16"CP4400-93PRM135E / CP4400-93PRM180E 
CP4400-93PRT135E / CP4400-93PRT180E
22.2mm (.875") 7/8"CP4400-94PRM135E / CP4400-94PRM180E 
CP4400-94PRT135E / CP4400-94PRT180E
23.8mm (.937") 15/16"CP4400-95PRM135E / CP4400-95PRM180E 
CP4400-95PRT135E / CP4400-95PRT180E

AP Racing are based in Coventry, UK. They have achieved more international sporting success than any of its rivals, establishing itself as a key supplier at all levels of international motorsport formulae, including single seat racing, rallying, sports car racing, stock car racing and touring cars. In 2011 alone, AP Racing supplied either brakes, clutches or both to 30 champions across the entire spectrum of the motorsport world.

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