New Cusco Sport Suspension

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Cusco Sport Suspension


For over 10 years Cusco have been producing a wide range of Coilover kits, standing out of the group has always been there Zero range. Starting with Zero1 and Zero 2 models, the range has been constantly tested and improved then leading to the latest Zero range... the Zero3.


This selection consisted of Zero-3, Zero-3S, Zero-3X and Zero-3G. These suspension kits were designed to suit everybody, each version having different settings to meet your driving needs. Suitable for track days, competition enthusiasts, daily road and even hard rally driving, the Zero 3 kits were tested and proven throughout the market.


However... the development by Cusco hasn't stopped yet. At the start of the year, the now 'old' Zero suspension has been replaced by the Cusco Sport range


The New Range


If you own any of the Cusco Zero range, it's always annoying to hear that there's something new and better on the market... but don't be too worried!

The fundementals of the Cusco Sport range are still the same as the Zero's, not an awful lot has changed. The most noticable change is the new blue springs (previously black) - all new coilover kits now come armed with the new baby blue spring design. The sport range is aimed specifically at the competition/track market, for those of you petrolheads wanting some awesome suspension for your road cars, check out the Cusco Sport-S or the Street Suspension.




New Sport Specs


  • External Reservoir Tank System Allows higher internal fluid capacity and increases extended damper stability while affording longer piston stroke. Heat-related instability is also minimized also by inherent design for heat dissipation. (Sport X only)
  • Triple Adjustment affords professional-grade fine-tuning based on 24 step adjustment for each of the parameters of, High Speed Compression, Low Speed Compression, and Extension. (Sport X only)
  • Monotube Construction Allowing for larger diameter piston for rigidity and creating larger volume chamber, the system allows for higher range of piston speeds, and finer level of damper control at all stroke speeds.
  • 24 Step Adjustment Range Patented Cusco needle-valve are precision fitted to exacting adjustment values so multiple dampers are matched to the requirements at each corner of the car. Precision adjustments can be made for critical increments.
  • Cusco Sport “Blue Spring” are shot-peened and wound using the advanced anti-sagging metallurgy. * Available in choice of optional rates.
  • Full Length Tapped Height Adjustable Case The damper body case is fully tapped to allow maximum height adjustment, separately from the spring preloads. Because damper stroke range can be positioned independently the stroke range can remain ideal against the spring regardless of height setting, thereby enhancing the handling limits as well as securing a compliant ride and suspension functionality
  • Precision Crafted Upper Mounts offered in standard camber adjustable units, or with our new “CC” Camber/Caster adjustable units optimizing alignment for even finer resolutions of settings.
  • Inverted Piston Design is used on all McPherson strut type applications to aid in extra durability and precision due to the fact that these suspension designs require the dampers not only to function but also are part of suspension structural integrity.
  • Lower Bracket Camber Adjustment allows additional level of camber and wheel clearance settings through the use of correction bolts supplied with some McPherson strut type suspension units.


The bullet points above are taken from the official Cusco USA distributor


What Suspension do I need?


Zero-3 - Cusco Sport-R -

"Competition suspension coilover kit designed for vehicles with race compound tires"


Zero-3S - Cusco Sport-S -

"The High Performance sport suspension kit designed for street to circuit"


Zero-3X - Cusco Sport-X -

"Enhanced competition suspension coilover kit designed with the external reservoir tank with 3way x 24 step full adjustment"


Zero-3G - Cusco Sport-G -

"The ultimate competition damper kit, designed for Gymkhana and hard driving, Gravel/Tarmac rally"


Cusco Street -

"Exclusively designed for the street and comfort, various choices and damper adjustable"


Cusco Touring -

"Touring A - OEM configuration replacement shock absorber and strut assemblies"


Cusco Sport Logos

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