Cusco Touring A - Toyota GT86 - Suspension Kit with adjustable damping

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If you were thinking about doing something to your suspension to improve the handling of your car while wanting to retain the OEM look and comfort where necessary, this suspension kit is the perfect one for you. 

Electronic Dampening Force Controller

Cusco Touring A Front Dampers & Cusco Touring A Rear Dampers are 40-way damping adjustable OEM style shock absorbers compatible with Cusco e-Con2 generally used with factory springs to retain the factory ride quality with the option to either increase the softness or increase the stiffness of the suspension. Ideal when driving to work on roads full of potholes, but also for track days. You simple adjust the damping by rotating the little top caps on the struts and increase the stiffness for a minimal body roll on a race circuit. Perfect middle ground for people who don't want to go the coilover route because coilovers are generally a lot harsher than standard suspension, however, that is the point of them as coilovers are to be thought of as a track modification rather than something you'd do to a car you drive daily and go on road trips in. 

You can combine these dampers with OEM springs or lowering springs if you also want to reduce the centre of gravity by an inch or so and improve the aesthetics of your car - I understand some people can't lower their cars because of speed bumps in the area they live in - I know myself, I wouldn't be able to go below 25mm without scraping even more than I already am on some streets. 


That being said, we offer these dampers to you for £794.88 Delivered next day via UPS. See below for optional lowering springs.


Eibach Springs - 35mm All Round

Eibach Springs -25mm Front -20mm Rear

Whiteline Springs -25mm All Round

Tein Springs -15mm All Round

Installation guide for Touring A Suspension Kit

Installation guide for e-Con2 Electronic Damping Controller

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