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1st July 2024

Logan Hodgetts was back out racing at the weekend and was triumphant, setting a new lap record of 1:03.186 at Whilton Mill. It was a great performance overall by Logan Hodgetts after he won the race with a new record.

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UK Kart Series 2024 Rounds 5 & 6 Whilton Mill Review

This was a drop-in weekend without being in the championships, Logan was hoping for some good results at the UK Kart Series at Whilton Mill.

Round 5 – Saturday

Qualifying – P4

Heat 1 – P4 ↑ P2

Heat 2 – P2 → P2

Heat 3 – P2 → P2

Final – P2 → P2

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With some good starts in the heats followed by some good racing. Logan had race long battles for the win in two of the heats where he is shown his pace but eventually came out P2 in all three, putting him 2nd on the grid for the final race of the day.

In the final race, Logan took the lead in the first lap where he lost in lap 2 but gained it back in lap 3. He maintained his lead throughout the race before losing in right at the end of the race at the final lap.

It was a very consistent day outright on Saturday, where Logan had the pace to win all day even setting the fastest lap of the race in one heat but actually managing to take the win.

Round 6 – Sunday

Qualifying – P1

Heat 1 – P1 → P1

Heat 2 – P1 ↓ P3

Heat 3 – P1 ↓ P6

Final – P3 ↑ P1

Logan led the opening heat on Sunday lights to flag bit the following heats was a bit more difficult. He held the lead on the first lap of heat 2 but dropped to 2nd on lap 2. He stayed here before going for the lead that didn’t pay off as he dropped to 3rd where he finished in heat 2. In heat 3 Logan fell to 8th at the start. he managed to make his way back to the front but could only manage to finish 6th.

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Even with these heat results Logan was still starting P3 in the final where it all actually mattered. Logan dropped to 4th on lap one before slowly making his way back to the lead over the next 3 laps. He then managed the lead eventually pulling out a 5.5 second gap by the flag with the fastest lap.



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