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Spring is slowly approaching and so is the car season. We have decided to come up with an offer for you guys to get ready for spring properly. Service your car before you take it out on the track with premium HKS products such as high flow air filters, magnetic oil filters, premium super engine oil and racing spark plugs to optimise the performance of your JDM ride.

Why use the above mentioned products you may ask? Read below to find out a little bit more about them.


HKS Super Hybrid Filters

Details of Filter
  • 3 layered filter divides, collects intake air and smoothes air flow. It enables quick response that is required for sport filter.
  • Newly developed Non-woven fabric is the first layer that collects large dust. Second layer polyurethane filter collects small dust. Thus the new filter has longer life.
  • Joining of each layer was changed from flame lamination to net type joining that does not affect intake air flow. Dry 3 layer structure enables lower resistance.

Details of Frame

  • With high strength double frame, strong frame can be used for high horsepower.
  • Shape of re-designed top frame enables smooth air flow.
  • Separate shield frame is cushion type that does not require rubber gasket and easily disposable after use.

HKS Magnetic Oil Filters

Utilising the filter original designed for HKS Oil Filter and increasing its filter surface area by 15%, compared with a conventional product, greatly improved particle collection performance.
HKS Oil Filter's minimum particle size is 20μ compared with 25μ of JIS standard which corresponds to the filtration performance requirement of most engines.
It is recommended to replace the oil and filter every 10,000 km or 6 months under the normal driving environment. For sports and/or race use, it is recommend to replace a filterevery 3,000 km - 5,000km.
φ65 x H50 is newly released. This new size filter is available for the latest Kei cars and vehicle equipped with an oil cooler that needs a low height filter. (A sandwich type attachment is required to install HKS Oil Filter.)

HKS Engine Oil

  • 100% synthetic oil "SUPER OIL Premium" with the latest prescription and viscosity selection is newly released from high cost performance HKS engine oil series that is well known to maximize the engine performance.
  • 7.5## newly added to the series maintains oil film at a high level in high temperature range and available for wide applications.
  • 4 different viscosities are applicable to various types of cars such as turbo, NA, eco car, etc.

HKS Spark Plugs

HKS Spark Plugs ignite faster with a predictable strong spark to improve fuel efficiency and achieve the best performance in any conditions and environment. It's very important to provide reliable ignition for an engine to perform at a maximum power. HKS Super Fire Racing Spark Plug is the best spark plug item for extreme racing conditions, that also will perfectly fit in the stock engine as well.

See the below diagram to understand which series plugs you need.

RE SERIESRotary Type
M-G SERIES4G63/L Type/FJ Type/2T-G/3T-G or Long Type
M-X SERIESFor Small/Compact Car
M-HL SERIESScrew is the same size of the M-XL Series and Plug Wrench Size of 14mm
M-LF SERIESMazda Conical Seat Type
MR-HLZ SERIESThread and Wrench sizes are the same as M-HL Series. Fire point protrudes 2 mm.
MR-XLZ SERIESThread and Wrench sizes are the same as M-XL Series. Fire point protrudes 2 mm.

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