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24th May 2021

Time flies and as some of you know, my season is at full speed.


I would like to start by welcoming MOLDOW as a new sponsor. It is with pride that I have started this collaboration with one of the largest companies on the market of ventilation in the world, and a big player in the professional speedway world.



I have been to Gdansk in Poland three times and train and should also have run a test race which was unfortunately canceled.

A training program has been made in collaboration with the coach and manager of the club, who thought I had a really nice style on the bike and that my starts get better from day to day.


I have finally made my debut in the Metal Speedway League for Grindsted, where I have raced the first two races against Nordjyske and Slangerup. It has given two nice victories to the team and I have also got off to a good start, on the somewhat higher level.

It is also with great pride that in both my league races I have been named the Metal fighter of the day.

I have also been selected for our next race on Wednesday in Fjelsted, where the team with a victory can take the lead in the best league in Denmark.


The Danish 1.Div has started up again, and together with Holsted Speedway club I have done two races, we have become number 2 and 3 against some very strong teams.

I have made 13 points in 9 heats, and I plan to improve that in the coming time.


Tonight, I am going for a physical test with the rest of the national team, so it will be good to meet again off the track.


Otherwise, I look forward to the upcoming Fritter Cup which is a U23 talent race that I have participated in the last two seasons.


I do not want to spend much Energy on Covid-19, but just wish that spectators and VIP will be allowed soon, so we can meet on the speedway tracks again…



Med venlig hilsen / Best Regards





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