Deatschwerks In-line fuel filter element, stainless steel 10 micron

Deatschwerks In-line fuel filter element, stainless steel 10 micron

Stage One - Magnetic Filtration

Fuel system corrosion caused by ethanol-blended fuels can release ferrous contaminants that can destroy expensive fuel injectors and pumps.  Stage one filtration traps these contaminants with a 35mm neodymium magnet.   The magnet is placed at the filter inlet, which maximizes contact with incoming fuel and creates zero flow restriction. 

Stage Two – Mechanical Filtration

Non-ferrous material makes up the majority of fuel system contaminates and are trapped in stage two.  This stage utilizes conventional and proven mechanical filtration methods.  All DW filters feature serviceable pleated 304-series stainless steel elements, which provide large surface area for maximum filtration capacity and minimum flow restriction.  The filters are compatible with a wide range of fuels including pump gas, race gas, MTBE, ethanol, methanol, and diesel. Superior life span, maximum fuel compatibility, and high temperature tolerance give DW stainless filter elements a distinct advantage over competitors’ glass and paper filter elements.

Comprehensive Options 

The DW fuel filters are available in 2 pore sizes and 3 housing sizes. All housings are anodized T6061 aluminum with -8 AN ORB inlets and outlets.  DW also offers a unique surge tank fuel filter that fits directly onto their popular 250iL and 350iL pumps.  The new filters have been thoroughly bench tested and track tested over the past year in preparation for release.

This product is compatible with the following vehicles

Vehicle Make Vehicle Model Vehicle Variant From To Engine Notes

Deatschwerks take a unique approach to building our high flow injectors. Other fuel injection companies offer only a couple different styles of injectors and leave fitting them up to the customer. At Deatschwerks every injector they produce is a drop-in fitment for its application. Their injectors are engineered to fit your OEM harness, OEM fuel rail and OEM manifold.

All Deatschwerks  high flow fuel injectors are built using only quality OEM cores. In addition, each set is balanced to within a 2% flow variation. This means better fitment, easier tuning, and increased reliability. Deatschwerks back all of their products with a comprehensive 12-month warranty. To complement their range of high performance, drop-in fitment fuel injectors, fuel system specialists, Deatschwerks, have developed the highest flowing in-tank fuel pump yet. With a flow rate of 400 litres per hour, the DW400 pump comes with an application specific or universal fitting kit and a 3-year warranty. The pump is 100% compatible with E85 ethanol fuel.

Deatschwerks also have developed two new high flow in-tank fuel pump ranges, the DW200 series; with a lower flow rate (around 255LPH) and price compared to the DW300 and the DW65c series; a compact pump with a flow rate of around 265LPH and a more compact design. There is also the brand new DW400 series fuel pump with 415LPH Flow.

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