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Cusco 6A1035A Protective intercooler net - Subaru Impreza WRX SIT GRB VAB GVB

Intercooler protective net for Impreza WRX STI - GRB, VAB, GVB ..

Product Code: 6A1035A

RRP: £150.83 (incl. Tax) Ex Tax: £125.69

Vehicle MakeVehicle ModelVehicle VariantFromToEngineNotes
SubaruImprezaWRX STI20082015

Gates Racing Timing belt Nissan Skyline (RB20/25/26)

No other belts protect your engine while delivering powerfully high performance like Gates Racing, Performance, Muscle (RPM) Timing Belts. Gates RPM Timing Belts are incredibly strong and extremely he..

Product Code: GA-T1040RB

RRP: £171.00 (incl. Tax) Ex Tax: £142.50

HKS Fine Tune V-Belt - Toyota Supra MK5 A90

FeaturesImproved durability in high temperature (as for rising engine room temperature due to tuning).Works fine even in a cold environment.Lightweight with high anti-wear resistant quality. It does n..

Product Code: 24996-AK051

RRP: £82.80 (incl. Tax) Ex Tax: £69.00

Vehicle MakeVehicle ModelVehicle VariantFromToEngineNotes
ToyotaSupraMk520190B583.0L - RWD Petrol

HKS Step Zero Kit RB26 2.8L 86.5

"STEP ZERO" is recommended for stock or GTIII-SS turbine as more power cannot be output at more than 8,000rpm, and STEP ZERO has the best response.【Capacity Upgrade Kit RB26DETT 2.8L Step 0】In additio..

Product Code: 21004-AN009

RRP: £5,160.00 (incl. Tax) Ex Tax: £4,300.00

Powerflex Lower Engine Mount Insert - Suzuki Swift Sport ZC33S 2017+

Fitting Instructions:1. Remove lower engine mount from vehicle, by removing dust shield and loosening the 2 bolts.2. Some Swift variants may have a small rubber insert glued to the mount, this nee..

Product Code: PFF73-520

RRP: £26.34 (incl. Tax) Ex Tax: £21.95

Vehicle MakeVehicle ModelVehicle VariantFromToEngineNotes
SuzukiSwiftSport20170K14C1.4L FWD - Petrol
SuzukiSwiftSport20170K14C1.4L FWD - Petrol - ZC33S

Tomei Baffle plate Supra 2JZ-GTE


Product Code: 194005

RRP: £192.52 (incl. Tax) Ex Tax: £160.43

Tomei Oversized Oil Pan SR20DET

The oil in the sump will forced to the side walls of the oil pan during side G force loads during Drifting, Time Attack and Drag Racing use. These problems can escalate to serious oil starvation in th..

Product Code: 194007

RRP: £406.42 (incl. Tax) Ex Tax: £338.68

Tomei Timing Belt Nissan Skyline GT-R RB26DETT RB25DET


Product Code: 151051

RRP: £207.54 (incl. Tax) Ex Tax: £172.95

Vehicle MakeVehicle ModelVehicle VariantFromToEngineNotes
NissanSkylineR32 GT-R19891994RB26DETT2.6L - 4WD Petrol
NissanSkylineR32 GTS-419891994RB20DET2.0L - 4WD Petrol
NissanSkylineR32 GTS-T19891994RB20DET2.0L - RWD Petrol
NissanSkylineR32 GTS-T19891993RB20DET2.0L - RWD Petrol
NissanSkylineR32 GTS19891993RB20DE2.0L - RWD Petrol
NissanSkylineR32 GTS-419891993RB20DET2.0L - 4WD Petrol
NissanSkylineR33 GTS-419931998RB25DET2.5L - 4WD Petrol
NissanSkylineR33 GTS-2519931998RB25DE2.5L - 4WD Petrol
NissanSkylineR33 GT-T19931998RB25DET2.5L - RWD Petrol
NissanSkylineR33 GTS-25T19931998RB25DET2.5L - RWD Petrol
NissanSkylineR33 GT-T19931998RB25DE2.5L - RWD Petro
NissanSkylineR33 GT-R19951999RB26DETT2.6L - 4WD Petrol
NissanSkylineR33 GT-R19971999RB26DETT2.6L - 4WD Petrol
NissanSkylineR34 GT-Four19992001RB25DE2.5L - 4WD Petrol
NissanSkylineR34 GT19992001RB25DET2.5L - 4WD Petrol
NissanSkylineR34 GT-T19992001RB25DE2.5L - 4WD Petrol
NissanSkylineR34 GT-R19992002RB26DETT2.6L - 4WD Petrol
NissanSkylineR34 GT-Four19992001RB25DET2.5L - RWD Petrol
NissanSkylineR34 GT19992002RB25DE2.5L - RWD Petrol

Wiseco Piston Kit 86.00mm Vauxhall Astra and Vectra 2.0L 16v

The pistons are made from the 4032 wrought aluminium alloy are designed for high performance applications where a strong and quiet piston is required. These pistons require less initial piston to wall..

Product Code: WKE165M86AP

RRP: £785.65 (incl. Tax) Ex Tax: £654.71

Vehicle MakeVehicle ModelVehicle VariantFromToEngineNotes
Vauxhall/OpelAstraMK3C20LET2.0L - FWD Petrol
Vauxhall/OpelAstraMK3C20LET2.0L - FWD Petrol
Vauxhall/OpelVectraAC20LET2.0L T - 4WD Petrol
Vauxhall/OpelVectraAC20LET2.0L T - 4WD Petrol