Fuel Cut Defencers

Fuel Cut Defencers

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HKS Fuel Cut Defencer For Subaru/Toyota/Nissan (See listing for full vehicle applications)

HKS FCD is an electronic device developed to properly raise the factory fuel cut level on factory turbocharged vehicles.  Raise the Factory Fuel Cut Level for Boost Pressure Increase As modific..

Product Code: 4501-RA002

RRP: £115.20 (incl. Tax) Ex Tax: £96.00

Vehicle MakeVehicle ModelVehicle VariantFromToEngineNotes
MazdaAutozamAZ-1199219930.7L - RWD Petrol
MazdaMX5NB19982001BPZE1.8L - RWD Petrol
MazdaMX5NB20012005BPZE1.8L - RWD Petrol
MazdaRX713B-Turbo1985199113BT1.3L - RWD Petrol
NissanSkylineR34 GT19992001RB25DET2.5L - RWD Petrol
NissanSkylineR34 GT-Four19992001RB25DET2.5L - 4WD Petrol
NissanSkylineR34 GT-T19992001RB25DET2.5L - RWD Petrol
NissanSTAGEATurbo19982002RB25DET2.5L - 4WD Petrol
SubaruImprezaTurbo19921996EJ20G2.0L - 4WD Petrol
SubaruImprezaTurbo19992000EJ2072.0L - 4WD Petrol
SubaruLegacy19961998EJ202.0L - 4WD Petrol
SubaruLegacyGT-B19982001EJ2062.0L - 4WD Petrol
SuzukiCappuccino19911995F6A0.7L - RWD Petrol
ToyotaCelicaST185199019923SGTE2.0L GT-Four - 4WD Petrol
ToyotaCelicaST185199219933SGTE2.0L GT-Four Carlos Sainz - 4WD
ToyotaCelicaST205199419963SGTE2.0L GT-Four - 4WD Petrol
ToyotaMR2SW20198919933SGTE2.0L GT Turbo - RWD Petrol
ToyotaMR2SW20199319993SGTE2.0L GT Turbo - RWD Petrol
ToyotaSoarer199120011JZ-GTE2.5L - RWD Petrol
ToyotaStarlet90 Series199519994E-FTE1.3L - FWD Petrol
ToyotaSupraMk3198919937MGTE3.0L Turbo - RWD Petrol
ToyotaSupra199019931JZGTE2.5L - RWD Petrol
ToyotaSupraMk4199320022JZGTE3.0L - RWD Petrol

HKS Fuel Cut Defencer Type A

Couple left in stock - Once gone, they're gone! ..

Product Code: 4501-RT003

RRP: £96.00 (incl. Tax) Ex Tax: £80.00

Vehicle MakeVehicle ModelVehicle VariantFromToEngineNotes