KAAZ 1.5 Way SuperQ Mazda MX5 NC LSD

KAAZ 1.5 Way SuperQ Mazda MX5 NC LSD

The reliable and highly competitive KAAZ differential has proven it's worth in professional racing vehicles all over the world. Don't settle for anything less than the industry leading KAAZ Limited Slip Differential. 

This KAAZ LSD for the Mazda MX5 provides a dramatic control upgrade and delivers a commanding, consistent performance.

KAAZ Corporation is the top brand name manufacturer and supplier of Limited Slip Differentials (LSD) for racing and street performance in Japan. Many top teams in various racing categories from drifting to road racing use KAAZ LSD units for their team cars. Especially in the drifting scene, KAAZ Solid LSD is considered the top choice LSD from beginners to professionals.

Many assume that limited slip differentials from different manufacturers are all the same, however, KAAZ use a clutch type differential, which is beneficial to road racing due to liner/faster lockup with more predictability. The KAAZ LSD provides power even during one-wheel-contacts.

KAAZ Differentials - Lock Adjustment Instruction Sheet         

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