Powerflex Front Front Arm Rear Bush Camber Adjustable For Honda Civic EP3 Type R

Powerflex Front Front Arm Rear Bush Camber Adjustable For Honda Civic EP3 Type R

PFF25-302G Powerflex Front Front Arm Rear Bush Camber Adjustable For Honda Civic EP3 Type R

Must order a minimum of *2* bushes for you order to be processed.

Fitting Instructions :

1. Remove front wishbones from the car and remove the original bush from the wishbone.2. Using a vice or press, Push the Polyurethane Bush into the bore of the arm, until both lips sit on the outer surface of the bore and the bush sits flush. 

2. Clean any dirt or corrosion from the end of the wishbone and remove and sharp edges using a file.

3. Insert Polyurethane Bushes A and B into the bore of the arm, ensuring the orientation is correct. Polyurethane Bush A (Larger top hat) is inserted bore side facing the front of the car, and Polyurethane Bush A is inserted in the other side of the bore.

4. Apply some of the supplied grease to the bore and end faces of the bush and insert the Stainless Steel Sleeve into the bore of the Polyurethane bushes, ensuring the knurled face of the Stainless Steel Sleeve is facing the front of the car.

This product is compatible with the following vehicles

Vehicle Make Vehicle Model Vehicle Variant From To Engine Notes
Honda Civic MK7 2001 2006 K20A 2.0L

EPTG Ltd (European Polyurethane Technologies Group) was formed in the UK in 1996 to take advantage of the significant advances made in the development of polyurethane in recent years.

The company has wide experience of automotive suspension and chassis systems and combining these design skills with advanced polyurethane manufacturing techniques led to the development of the wide range of high performance automotive polyurethane components now known the world over by the product name Powerflex.

The special type of polyurethane we use is an advanced material which has unique properties. Our products have the ability to offer high performance without vibration or noise but with exceptionally long life.

In addition to our “standard” range of bushes, which we publish, we also manufacture many special components for original equipment car companies and also industrial applications.

Because of our manufacturing facility and wide experience with suspension components we can design and manufacture very quickly bushes and other parts, specially for you.

We manufacture special parts for a number of non automotive industries. These include marine parts for corrosion protection, shock absorber mounting bushes, sound absorbing mounting pads, train door mechanisms, rollers, mounting blocks etc.

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