RAYS Volk Racing 16" TE37V BR Forged Wheels - Bronze Almite

RAYS Volk Racing 16" TE37V BR Forged Wheels - Bronze Almite

Start grabbing people's attention with these stunning legendary RAYS Volk Racing TE37V 16" Forged Alloy Wheels. These 1 piece racing rims feature light weight design to maximise the performance per £££. The appearance of these forged aluminium wheels cannot be overlooked either. Beautiful Bronze Almite colour makes these wheels stand out on the streets, track and at car shows!

The first model was a 15 inch with a startling 3.7kg, thus TE37. This model would be known decades later as the origin of forged sports wheel and is considered one of the masterpieces from Volkracing. Excellent stress variance with a calculated 6 spoke design offering various ranges in sizes and model variations.

PLEASE NOTE: In some cases wheels can take up to 16 weeks to arrive - Depending on RAYS stock in Japan. However, usually it's around 4-6 weeks. Concave is dependent on wheel width & offset. Actual products may differ to images. Prices can slightly vary depending on the currency exchange rate.

Prices listed are for a full set of 4 wheels.

16x7.5 - £2345.14 inc. VA

16x8.0 - £2386.29 inc. VAT

16x8.5 - £2427.43 inc. VAT

16x9.0 - £2468.57 inc. VAT

16x9.5 - £2509.71 inc. VAT

16x10.0 - £2550.86 inc. VAT

Method:Forged 1pc Wheel (Reverse Rim)

RAYS original test:JWL+R Spec 2

Wheel Colour: Bronze Almit - Also available in Gunmetal with Diamond Cut Lip

Included:Aluminum Air Valve & Wheels Stickers

Centre caps can be purchased for additional cost.

The TE37V, offering the deepest rim for Volk Racing, targets older cars with good taste, such as vintage domestic cars that continue to thrive, as with the AE86 and Roadsters. In addition, we anticipate the rise of the neoclassic car movement originating in North America and have focused our efforts on applying the latest specifications, not only in terms of specs but also appearance, such as combining the FDMC rim with a step rim. By offering four face variations that differ in rim width and offset value, we have been able to achieve a model that draws a clear distinction from vintage wheels. No need to settle with nostalgic designs. You can now acquire a classical appearance equipped with the latest design ideas. 

Whether the demand is for a lighter sports wheel or for more affordable wheels, RAYS can come come with what is needed. RAYS is determined to effectively meet the challenge of even the toughest request and come up with an excellent solution. They are equipped to meet any kind of need. If you need large diameters, they already make a 22 inch cast rim, and for premium cars - 20 inch one-piece forged wheels! RAYS Wheels are tested to the demanding JWL+R standards to ensure the wheels will cope with the stresses they are put under in the motorsports world.

Volk Racing Wheels, Gram Lights, G-Games, Nismo, Ralliart & TRD.......all made by RAYS! Available in the UK & Europe.

For more information regarding this brand and for full price lists and vehicle applications please click the following link - RAYS Wheels

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