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Laser 2480 AF/MM Feeler Gauge 4-in-1 With Brush

A complete set of tools for cleaning, adjusting and checking the gaps on spark plugs, points and tappets etc.Metric sizes from 0.20mm to 0.40mmImperial sizes: 0.20 | .025 | .028 | .030 | .035 | .040"C..

Product Code: 2480

RRP: £6.94 (incl. Tax) Ex Tax: £5.78

Laser 2482 Feeler Gauge Af/mm 26 Blades Offset

Neat fold away configurationOffset for ease of useDual endedImperial: .005/.006/.007/.008/.009/.010/.011/.012/.013/.014/.015/.016/.017/.018/.019/.020/.021/.022/.023/.024/.025/.026/.027/.028/.029/.030"..

Product Code: 2482

RRP: £14.69 (incl. Tax) Ex Tax: £12.24

Uni-Max Piston Ring Grinder

Manual grinder with a 54x2mm wheel for accurate alignment of the piston ring gap according the cylinder. Easy and simple to use.Product includes plastic carry case...

Product Code: NL2119

RRP: £67.20 (incl. Tax) Ex Tax: £56.00

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