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KAAZ LSD for Alfa Romeo (147 GTA, 155, 156, 164, GTV) (1.5 way)

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KAAZ LSD for Alfa Romeo (147 GTA, 155, 156, 164, GTV) (1.5 way)

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LSD Type: 1.5-way (What is the difference between a 1.5 and 2 way LSD?)


  • Clutch Plate A: 6
  • Clutch Plate B: 6
  • Cone Springs : 2
  • Configuration: 1.5-way
  • Factory Torque: 5.5-6.5 (kg-m)
  • Ramp / Cam Angle: 60x20
  • Type: Clutch-Type LSD

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About KAAZ Limited Slip Differentials

Many assume that limited slip differentials from different manufacturers are all the same, however, KAAZ use a clutch type differential, which is beneficial to road racing due to liner/faster lockup with more predictability.

On Torque Biasing units such as Quaife LSDs, when one wheel lifts, there comes a reaction where the differential now carries a open differential character due to power only being transfered to one wheel, however when the lifted wheel makes contact there is a time frame in which progressive build-up is needed in order to transfer full power.

This problem can be a huge downfall when used in road or rally racing where the car is more likely to be subject to wheel lift.

The KAAZ LSD provides power even during one-wheel-contacts. Read more about how KAAZ LSD's work.


KAAZ WPC (SuperQ) Now an Option at Part-Box...

The New KAAZ SUPERQ L.S.D. is the ultimate clutch type performance differential. Using the same leading technology that kept the KAAZ Limited Slip Differential name iconic... The new SUPERQ units feature more newly developed technology! In today's market enthusiast want the best of both worlds, full race and street comfort ability. Although some situations can only provide one factor over the other, SUPERQ units bring the gap closer in terms of performance and drive ability. All KAAZ LSD's feature the best locking ratio's with lightning fast reaction engagement and reaction. KAAZ is also the pioneer of being the first to use "LARGE CLUTCH DISCS" in an mechanical limited slip differential. Providing units that are already a step ahead against the competiton. The SUPERQ units set a new bench mark within mechanical/clutch type after market performance clutch type L.S.D.'s! As always with KAAZ Limited Slip Differentials...improve your driving, lap times, drifting and overall performance with a KAAZ COMPETITION L.S.D.!


A key element in making the SUPERQ L.S.D. unique is: chattering sounds are down to a bare minimal! This makes the unit much more street and everyday friendly, AT HALF THE COST OF OTHER MORE EXPENSIVE "CARBON" L.S.D's!

Experience smoother engagement during driving! SuperQ units are designed to provide more comfortability without compromising performance characteristics. This new feature is available now due to new internal metal treatments processed before final assembly!

All SuperQ units have improved heat dissipation over standard LSD's. With special internal surface treatments the new SuperQ LSD offer's significant drop in operating temperatures when compared to standard metal type LSD's.

Typically overhauls are recommended for race cars frequently however the SuperQ L.S.D. has a typical longer life-wear than standard  mechanical L.S.D's. If changing differential oil responsibly the new SuperQ units have a average extended 20-50% more life expectancy! Whether it be usage on a full race or street applied vehicle, this new unit will outlast any standard metal type L.S.D!

No need to break in your unit after installation! Another key feature for those whom install and work from home. SuperQ units have special treated clutch plates which feature smooth hardened clutch plate surfaces which require no break-in procedures!

As standard to all KAAZ Limited Slip Differentials you can adjust locking raties to your desired spec. The SuperQ units carry same revolutionary adjustment setting options that come standard on most KAAZ Limited Slip Differentials! Optional parts are available as well, you can purchase thicker cone-springs and clutch plates to adjust initial torque specs.

About KAAZ

Kaaz Corporation is the top brand name manufacturer and supplier of Limited Slip Differentials (LSD) for racing and street performance in Japan.

Read More

In 1998, Kaaz USA was established to supply the same high quality parts to the North American market. Today, Kaaz product is recognized as one of the top brand name from Japan in the U.S. racing and performance industry.

Many top teams in various racing categories from drifting to road racing use our LSD units for their team cars. Especially in the drifting scene, Kaaz Solid LSD is considered the top choice LSD from beginners to professionals.


For more information regarding this brand and for full price lists and vehicle applications please click the following link - KAAZ

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Suitable For

Manufacturer Model Variant Chassis Engine Year Range Notes
Alfa Romeo - - - - - -
Alfa Romeo 147 GTA - - 3.2L - Front (5MT), Replaces Open Diff
Alfa Romeo 155 - E-167A1E V6 2.5L 1993- Front (5MT), Replaces Open Diff
Alfa Romeo 156 - GF-932A1 V6 2.5L 2000- Front (6MT), Replaces Open Diff
Alfa Romeo 164 - - V6 3.0L 1993- Front (5MT/AT), Replaces Open Diff
Alfa Romeo GTV - E-916C1 V6 3.0L 1993- Front (5MT/6MT), Replaces Open Diff
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  • Last updated Friday 31 May, 2013.

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