Innovate Motorsport

Innovate Motorsport

Innovate Motorsports develops, markets, manufactures, and supports universal digital tuning tools for internal combustion engines. The company’s core technologies are patent-pending digital circuits that improve greatly on current, mostly analog, designs. The company's product lines includes wideband air/fuel ratio meters, sensors, gauges, data acquisition systems, and software.

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Innovate 1 GB SD Card-LM-2+DL-32 -10%

Innovate 1 GB SD Card-LM-2+DL-32


Product Code: IM-3787

£19.08 £21.20 Ex Tax: £15.90

Innovate 4-Pin Programming Cable -10%

Innovate 4-Pin Programming Cable


Product Code: IM-3840

£13.88 £15.42 Ex Tax: £11.57

Innovate Bung/Plug Kit (Steel) -10%
Innovate Carrying Case LM-2 -10%

Innovate Carrying Case LM-2


Product Code: IM-3836

£51.17 £56.86 Ex Tax: £42.64

Innovate DB-Gauge Blue (Gauge Only) -10%
Innovate DB-Gauge Green (Gauge Only) -10%
Innovate DB-Gauge Red (Gauge Only) -10%