MTX Light Flywheel 4.9kg Suzuki M16A 5 or 6spd

MTX Light Flywheel 4.9kg Suzuki M16A 5 or 6spd

MTX is the Sporting Competition brand of Martin Auto, who are a long established Clutch Specialist Manufacturer in Hungary.

Laci Martin, the head of Martin Auto, is an experienced rally driver and engineer. Using his knowledge and experience he has developed a wide range of special clutches for tuned and competition vehicles – particularly rally, raid and circuit race. Co-ordSport are Martin Auto’s UK dealer.

The most popular MTX clutches are their Group N covers and paddle discs, although they also offer organic discs for modified street cars. The covers are uprated, to accommodate the increased power & torque of modified vehicles. Whilst the discs are available with sprung and solid centre options - rigid centre discs being lightweight, very durable and allowing fast changes. Although the lack of springs doesn’t allow them to absorb all transmission shock loads. These clutches fit as a direct replacement for the original.

Beyond the Group N spec. clutches, where regulations permit, Martin Auto has developed their ultimate range of “Fit and Forget” competition twin plate clutch and flywheel sets. Their lightweight construction, along with their centre hub geared connection, mean these clutches give fantastic transfer of drive, whilst allowing great disengagement response. Options are available from the lightest R4 spec.which allows fast shifting & low inertia, through to the heavier Rallycross set up, which allows outsanding “off the line” performance.

The MTX range offers great value and overhaul parts allow the clutches to have a long life. MTX also offer a rebuild~recycle service, via Co-ordSport, where practical and subject to condition.

Having spent lots of your hard earned money getting the best performance from your engine, fit the best clutch to ensure you can get your power through to the road.

Widely tested on circuits, off-road and in rallying, MTX offers good endurance and suits many applications, even for those competitions where cars are restricted to a single plate clutch set-up.

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